Basics of Groove Rolling


Groove rolling and the Institute of Metal Forming (IMF) have a long-standing history together. The accumulated and continually expanding knowledge sets the IMF apart as a pioneering entity in the area of research and development for groove rolling processes. Presently, this extends beyond mere experiential insights to include cutting-edge technological innovations for process optimization and design. Notably, artificial intelligence (AI) and numerical simulations play pivotal roles in this evolution. Join us on a comprehensive 4-day training course offered by the IMF, providing a unique opportunity to augment your existing expertise or, for those transitioning careers, to establish a robust knowledge foundation. Dive into the latest trends of groove rolling, as the course addresses core facets ranging from material modelling to process design. Our commitment to a robust practical orientation ensures an immersive and valuable learning experience.

Cost: 1.600 p.P.
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