Freiberg MTEX Workshop 2024

The workshop extends over two weeks and is part of the master course Introduction into crystallographic texture analysis and counts for 5 ECTS points. While the first week is mainly devoted to beginners in MTEX and/or texture analysis, the second week is a meeting of MTEX users with different experiences to share specific use cases, tips and tricks and discuss recent and upcoming developments in MTEX. A special focus will be the new features of MTEX 5.11 which includes pseudo 3d functionality for EBSD and grains and multiple spatial reference systems.

More Information is available on the website:


  • first + second week (presence): (PhD) students – 400 Euro, other – 600 Euro
  • first + second week (online): (PhD) students – 200 Euro, other – 300 Euro
  • second week: (PhD) students – 100 Euro, other – 200 Euro
  • Payment includes Lunch for all days and Excursion fee
  • Registration for students of the TU Freiberg, the TU Chemnitz and the University of Halle is free of charge

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